Vision, Mission, Goals:


As a center of learning activities, the library plays a very important role in achieving the objectives of the university.  It is committed to excellence in services that enables, empowers, and encourages life-long learning.  The library provides access to information resources that advance the teaching, learning aid and critical thinking in the pursuit of knowledge for Notre Dame University Community.


As service oriented department, the University Library seeks to provide and support learning teaching, research, extension and creative expression by providing timely and effective access to information for the University Community.  A conscious effort to provide information resources and services vital to learning an updated collection and upgraded facilities that would enable the clientele especially the students to learn independently as well as to enhance critical thinking and intellectual honesty.


  1. To assist users to find and use information resources effectively and to acquire the skills needed for a life of independent learning and personal growth.
  2. To seek input form and respond to users as part of our continuing efforts to evaluate and improve services, collections and programs.
  3. To build and preserve collection which support teaching, learning, research, extension and creative expression.
  4. To provide and maintain effective, easy-to-use-catalog, guides and electronic gateway to resources, both local and remote.
  5. To provide the technological and other tools necessary to support and enhance library program and services.
  6. To provide accessible, inviting library facilities which encourage individual and group inquiry.
  7. To collaborate with other members of the community and outside institutions to identify, develop and support a cost-effective means of expanding the resources and services for the university programs and initiatives.
  8. To secure and allocate funding to support library programs and initiatives.