Photocopying of library materials is one of the basic library services in order to assist clientele in their information needs.  Librarians are being consulted for this purpose judiciously.  They assist clientele’s request in accordance to copyright law.

Although we cater to this request, the supervision of these services is directly under the Finance Department particularly in the Income Generating Project Section of the university.  The logistics, technical requirements, finances, and assigning of personnel who will handle photocopying services is being supervised by the VP for Finance.

The following are rules and regulations in photocopying of materials:

  • Photocopying materials is strictly for the reproduction of library materials, which cannot be loaned out.
  • Theses and dissertation are not allowed for photocopying, except for a certain portion where librarians may allow photocopying of then item upon approval.
  • Patrons are to observe library section policies on borrowing materials for photocopying.
  • Outside patrons are allowed to photocopy research materials upon permission granted by the University Librarian
  • Photocopying materials are facilitated and charged against the sector / unit requesting personal research or study purposes.